We are now offering telehealth services!

Telehealth services can be utilized for initial evaluations and follow up visits!


What is telehealth?

Physical therapy that is provided through a virtual platform, such as telephone or video, instead of an in-person visit. At Maple City Physical Therapy, we primarily utilize video sessions to provide you with a treatment session that would be similar to an in-person visit, without use of hands on techniques.


Why is telehealth beneficial?

Teletherapy is a great alternative option to make sure you stay on track with your physical therapy plan of care! We all have things in life that come up such as transportation issues, child care, and weather; which can cause you to need to reschedule your therapy appointments. With telehealth now being offered and proven to be beneficial, instead of missing your appointments and leading to minimal progress or regression in your recovery, we can keep you on your journey to help you get better! Even though telehealth does not offer the hands-on techniques of in-clinic visits, it still allows your therapist to interact with you, provide cues on form, and progress/modify your exercises as needed. This is much more effective than just completing an independent home exercise program. Some equipment may also be recommended or given to you by your physical therapist if you chose to participate in telehealth. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe when it comes to their physical health inside and ousidet of physical therapy. This is why telehealth is a great and safe option for individuals that might have an illness or condition that could lead them to feel uncomfortable attending in-person visits, such as someone who is immunocompromised. You can still receive the same one on one care from the comfort of your home without having to compromise and live in pain, we are here to help!


How do I do it?

We utilize the video system that is set up through our documentation system, which makes it HIPAA compliant and safe. All we need to get you started for your telehealth visits is your email address. You will need access to a video device (iPad/tablet, computer, cellphone) and internet access. The morning of your appointment you will receive an email with a highlighted link. At the time of your appointment you will click on that link and click “join meeting” and that's it! Your therapist will have a video on the other end so you will be able to communicate and interact as if you were in a real in-clinic visit! You will complete exercises and can ask questions just like they are there! Most insurance companies at this time are covering teletherapy, if you have any questions specifically about your insurance you can contact our Hornell office at 607-324-9344.

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