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Same gym, new name! At Maple City Health and Fitness, we are the comfortable gym. Haven’t worked out in a while or it’s your first time working out ever? Worried you’re not doing things right, injuring yourself, or embarrassing yourself? Not at our gym! We have staff readily available and willing to help you. Everyone that joins the gym gets an orientation to make a personalized plan and to make sure they know how to use the equipment. We are closely associated with the medical community and consider your pre-existing medical conditions to make sure you stay healthy. In addition, we are a gym that is open to the public.

No prescription or doctor’s referral is required to use our facility, all are welcome! Whether you’re an athlete preparing for a sport, someone looking to get stronger, hoping to improve your overall health and body composition, or just looking for a friendly place to exercise in, we are dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

What are you waiting for?

The team at Maple City Physical Therapy is here and ready to help you get back on track — Monday through Friday.

"Every fitness center has weights and cardio machines; but (Maple City Health and Fitness) offers so much more. I joined the M.O.G. after I completed physical therapy for a torn meniscus.  My initial purpose was to continue the strength training on my knee and improve mobility that was hindered by arthritis.  I got that—but I got a lot more:  I lost weight, my cholesterol went down, and I found a friendly, encouraging support system.  There is an incredible amount of resources available on nutrition, training, and even guidance from the physical therapists.  Honestly, what keeps me coming back is the atmosphere. For many people (me included) the time spent exercising is not their favorite part of the day; but, I enjoy the company of the people who work there and there is no grunting and no guilting."
-Bill Laubert

"I started at Maple City PT shortly after my knee replacement in November 2016. The staff at Maple City Physical Therapy are, in a word, amazing. They continually push me to become stronger and are assisting me in preparing for my next knee replacement.

I also attend the MOG- The Medically Oriented Gym- to strengthen and increase my cardiovascular health. Mark Fox and all the staff at the MOG are also absolutely incredible. They have seminars, group sessions and one on one sessions for attendees and each class is helpful for the mind, body and soul. Even the doctors get involved in the circuit training!

Maple City Physical Therapy has completely changed my life. Prior to going there, I was in pain and felt hopeless and ready to give up. Now, I am making positive changes in my life, feeling stronger, losing weight and feeling great! Mark, Jeremy, Jen & Deb have pushed me to be so much better. Without their enthusiasm, I would have given up! Their positivity and enthusiasm is unparalleled. They have helped with every part of my life! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for any kind of physical therapy or any kind of joint replacement therapy. They have so much to offer!"
-Lisa Marino

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