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Programs & Pricing


[Back to the] Basics: $45/month- This is your basic gym membership. It includes: open gym and annual fitness evaluations.

 [Set your goals in] Motion: $150/month- This includes everything: open gym access, unlimited personal training, group class and training access, nutrition counseling, and someone to keep you accountable, motivated, and on track.

Membership Monthly Add-ons: (Below are monthly recurring perks)

  • Safe Assist - 30min 1:1 balance supervision session=$15ea
  • (1)30min monthly training session= $20
  • (2)30min monthly training sessions=$35
  • (1) weekly buffing sessions=$25
  • (1)15min monthly nutrition session=$10
  • (1) weekly cupping session=$50


** Senior/Vet/Student: $40/month open gym

** Family pricing: Each additional family member (of same household) = $25

** Pay 6-months or more in advance and save $5/month!

Additional Services and Amenities

Personal Training - $50/1hr or $35/half hour

  • Ready to make some changes but not sure where to start?

Group Classes - $3members/class or $6non-members/class ~see schedule at bottom of page

  • For those who want a quick and effective workout.

Group Training - $20 a group/ 30min session.

  • Grab some friends and get a workout in together!

Nutrition Counseling - $15/15mins

  • Struggling with eating habits, not seeing the results you wanted, need help getting on track or maybe just not sure where to start? The answer is not tomorrow. At Maple City Health & Fitness, we will help you take the next step on your weight loss or gain journey. It doesn’t matter how big or small your steps are as long as you keep moving forward.

Cupping - $20members/$30non-members

  • “Aches/pains”? “Trouble sleeping at night”? “Numbness”? “Sore muscles or joints”? “Swelling”?

Buffing - $10/10min session

  • Tight muscles and knots but don’t have time for a full massage? Quick, effective, non-invasive.

Rock Tape - $10/application and $20 for your roll of tape (~3-4applications)

  • Decompress you muscles and joints to help with “stabilization”, “aches”, “swelling”, “bruising”, “scars”.

Stretch Sesh - (Members)1hr/30mins = $45/$25   (Non-Members)1hr/30mins = $60/$30

  • Good for tight/stiff muscles and joints. Free up your body to move better with less “aches”.

Fitness Assessments:

Everyone who joins our gym starts with an initial fitness examination with annual re-exam included in membership (additional re-exams are available for $40 upon request). We will evaluate your overall health and fitness covering vital signs, strength and wellness levels, flexibility, and any other areas pertaining to your goals.

Individual Exercise Programs:

Upon joining our gym everyone receives an orientation. During your orientation you will discuss any limitations or pain causing movements. Using this information, exercises will be given to help improve overall health and fitness while minimizing your risk for injury or reinjury.

Group classes

  • *Up-Right* – focus on balance and independence to keep you going strong in the community.
  • *Ringside* – Learn how to throw a punch and defend yourself, while getting a fun and intense workout in (Don’t worry this is a non-contact class).
  • *Blend* – A mixture of everything in the fitness industry. Get your heart pumping and break a sweat with cardio inspired workouts, making you stronger with some resistance training, in the shortest amount of time!
  • *Incinerate* – Come get your sweat on in this class! We will keep you moving the whole time as you work towards reaching your weight loss goals.
  • *Mobility* – Oil for your joints. Stretch out your muscles while correcting some imbalances to keep you moving with less aches and pains!

Insurance Programs:

We participate in the following insurance programs granting open gym access to any who qualify depending on specific benefit:
-Silver Sneakers
-Silver & Fit
-Optum Fitness Advantage (A+9 digits)
-AARP Medicare Supplement (S+9 digits)
-Univera- perks 4 U

Additional Amenities:

At Maple City Health & Fitness, we offer a wide variety of amenities. These range from cupping and body buffing(massage), to hands on stretching and personal training. See our pricing menu for our full list of offered services and additional details.