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Looking to get back in shape? Trying to address that mysterious pain that's been bothering you for the past couple of months?

Maple City Physical Therapy is your Southern Tier destination for all things health. Whether you're recovering from a sports-related injury, want to get to the bottom of that leg pain, or are eager to get back in shape, we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

We provide cost-effective, personalized, and evidence-based care to each individual while exercising respect, care, and professionalism. We stay up-to-date by making sure that we use the latest examination methods, treatment techniques, and technology to give patients the best experience possible.

Community Involvement 

At Maple City Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on being active in our local community. Each year we are a major sponsor of the Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament to benefit the Hornell Area YMCA. We are also a sponsor of the annual Hornell Sports Night to benefit local nonprofit organizations. 


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"Live a little more like Ame"

As some of you know, our friend and former co-worker, Amy (Shafer) Gerrish passed away on June 1st, 2017 after a short and courageous battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

During Amy's battle, she and her family learned of the importance of platelet donation.

In July, Amy's cousin challenged many to "Live a Little More Like Ame." She asked others to partake in something positive/heathy to carry on Amy's spirit.

After learning from Amy's family, the critical role platelets play in caring for those fighting cancer, as well as the extreme shortage of platelets that exists, Jeremy and Megan donated platelets in honor of Amy on August 22.

Platelet donations take a little longer, must be done at a stationary blood donation center, and unfortunately only last for five days after retrieval.These factors make the need for platelet donation even more crucial.

Even though Jeremy and Megan were both needle-phobes, they donated, knowing donations will make an impact in the lives of others. But we want to do more, because we know Amy would do more. So this is where you come into play!

We are passing on the #your22 challenge in the form of platelet donations. We challenge you to not spread the word; but to also sign up and donate yourself. As incentives, if you live locally and share a with a picture of you donating platelets, we will provide you with a gift certificate for a 30 minute body buffing session (mechanical massage... trust me you will love it!)

We are also encouraging our employees to take part in platelet donation. We will be giving a day off to each employee who is willing to make the drive and give the time to go to Rochester or Buffalo to donate in Amy's honor.

Our goal--22 posts showing 22 platelet donations that happened because of Amy's selflessness and compassion! In addition, we also want to challenge other employers... especially those of you in the health care field... to encourage and incentivize platelet donations in honor of Amy. Her life was far too short, but she knew how to make a difference every day... today and tomorrow it's our job to spread #your22 for her! Visit Amy's go fund me page for her story...

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